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As you may imagine, these SMVs don’t look like your average soccer mom vans.  They don’t even look like fancy sports cars.  These little vehicles look more like some space-age Jetsons contraptions than anything we’re used to seeing on the roadways.

(However, they do bear some resemblance to the first high-mileage vehicles: microcars.  More on that later.)

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures of our SMV in its early stages.  But in the meantime, check out these videos to get an idea of what these cars are all about.

A basic overview of SMV with some examples of cars.

This team has been a huge competitor in the SMV competition – very innovative, very successful.

So do you remember back in the day when we all thought that by the time we got to the 21st century we’d be whizzing around in our space cars? Come on, we all thought that. We may not be quite there yet, but these vehicles certainly look closer to the future than the past…

Isn’t that supposed to be where we’re going? The future? Do we need to change our thinking of what an “attractive” car looks like? Maybe if we stopped focusing on old “tried and true” designs, we could soon be driving around something like UBC’s car.

This article has some pretty decent theories as to why new innovations can be difficult to implement.  And that probably helps explain why these college kids can be so creative: they don’t have a boardroom to answer to.

And that, if anything, should tell us something.

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