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We are in the shop!  I’m still kinda itchy from the fiberglass!  Check out the video; you can learn how the team made the molds for the carbon fiber car body (thanks to the generosity of Midwest Composite Technologies of Hartland, Wisconsin!).

I’m not going to lie, this week has been a little crazy for me.  But I’ve got some pretty cool stuff coming up, so let’s take a look ahead.

The MSOE SMV team is moving right along.   They’re on spring break now, but for the most dedicated team members, that only means more time to work on the car!  Right now, they’re working on completing the plugs for the molds for the carbon fiber body, which is a much more complicated process than I would have guessed.  Making a plug involves some super-nice wood, paint, and fiberglass, and that’s all before they have anything to do with the carbon fiber.  I’m going to be getting more info on all this soon, so bear with me.  Just trust that the end results will be pretty sweet.  They plan to lay out the fiberglass to finish the molds next week, coincidentally on the team president’s birthday (what better way to celebrate, right?).  For now, here’s a pic of the bottom plug.

Bottom mold

There's part of the mold!

Yesterday, I went to visit the University of Wisconsin Hybrid Vehicle team, thanks to Andrea Parins.  It was really great to learn about another alternative energy project, and the team was very helpful.  You can look forward to more information about them in the near future.

Today, resident mechanic Andy (yeah, the one with the cute wave) is coming over to work on some cars, so I might get to chat with him.  Also, soon I’ll be posting a video of the microcars that helped inspire the SMV project, hopefully with some commentary from their owner, Carlo (you might remember him from the other SMV pics).

Lastly, soon I’ll be meeting with Brian Morstad, a teacher at Middleton High School who launched that school’s Highmileage Vehicle (HMV) project a few years ago, which ultimately led to MSOE’s project.  He can give us lots of insight into what goes into this project and what makes it so great for college kids, the environment, and the world at large.

So stay tuned!  Or as Andy once said, “Keep your left foot out of it and keep it under 65.”  Well, unless you have a stick shift, and then please do clutch with your left!

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