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So I’m having a bit of a conflict of interest.  I’m going to try to be as honest as possible with you, and there’s something you have to know about me.

I love fast cars.  I don’t personally own one (90 mph is way faster than my car should ever be traveling), but I think fast cars are pretty fun.  Some of my favorite car memories were in a zippy little silver BMW Z3.


Ahh, the memories...

I’m not the most aggressive driver, but I still think cruising around in a sporty car is a great time.  I don’t even mind riding with wild drivers, so long as they keep me (somewhat) safe.  I can understand the allure of speed, that thrill of flying on land.

Unfortunately, that kind of driving is not really helpful to the environment.  It’s inefficient, costly, and carbon-emitting.  In the end, it doesn’t save a ton of time and the actual costs probably outweigh the benefits.

But it’s a damn good time.

So where do we draw the line?  Is it still okay to buy and drive beautiful, speedy cars, even if they’re not so great for the rest of the world?  Or should we save them for special occasions?  Have we gotten to the point where the car you drive shouldn’t really be a status symbol anymore?  Is there a happy medium where driving can still be enjoyed without completely sacrificing environmental-friendliness?


Okay, maybe this isn't my car exactly...

Obviously, I have questions, not answers.  Maybe you can help me out.  I know what I should do, mostly because it’s the only thing I can do – keep driving my nonathletic old jalopy.

I guess that conclusion’s not overly useful to anyone.

Just something to think about…

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