I’m going to be honest here.  I don’t drive the greenest car at this moment in time.  It’s a ’94 Toyota 4Runner that gets about 20 miles to the gallon.  It’s not terrible, but it’s not great, and will likely meet its death soon due to various health problems.

For anyone who’s not quite sure what a 4Runner is like, just picture the kinds of SUVs that cruise around the African desert, the kind that can go through monsoons and still look all right, or even the kind that can sit on top of an exploding building and drive away from the wreckage (at least I’ve been told they can do that).  My car’s pretty sturdy, which has let to numerous people believing they should bomb around in it as a rally car.  Because I do indeed like my car and need it to get around, I have politely declined all these years.  Perhaps I’ll let someone take it on one last hurrah before it’s retired.

Electric car

Rally car? I guess! This guy's all set for e-Miglia.

One rally my car won’t be participating in is the new e-Miglia rally, slated to happen August 3-6.  The rally is open to four different kinds of electric vehicles, including two, three, and four-wheelers, as well as hybrids.  The rally is organized by the same people who put on the Transsyberia Rally, but e-Miglia will run over paved roads between Germany and Italy, focusing on how well the electric vehicles run and their overall consistency.  There’s 10,000 Euros in prize money to be had, which should give some incentive to fill the 50 open slots for drivers.

Rally car

Electric rally car? Not so much.

The original Miglia rally, the Mille Miglia, ran almost 25 times between 1927 and 1957 and helped to showcase some of the nicest car companies in the world (Porsche or Ferrari, anyone?).  The goal of the e-Miglia rally is to do the same for electric cars: put them in the spotlight and show off their sportiness, reliability, and versatility.  These electric cars probably won’t be cruising through the bogs like other rally cars, but hopefully the event will raise awareness to everything that electric cars can do.

Wanna join the rally?  Check out their website (speaking German is a plus there) and book your plane tickets.  Apparently all you need is a driver’s license and an EV!