As you know, the team at MSOE is busy-busy-busy, working on their car.  They’ve been sanding like crazy carpenters to prepare for the completion of the carbon fiber mold.


All ready to go now...


Not quite done yet, but it's getting there!


Quality SMV bonding time.

Hopefully I’ll get some more accurate information about what they’re doing soon (can you tell I’m not the mastermind behind this project?).

Now, looking at some supermileage vehicles, they all tend to share a basic three-wheeled design.  Back in their heydays, microcars shared this design, too, aiming for efficiency in times of  limited fuel and parts resources.  We might not be driving around concept supermileage cars anytime soon, but they are onto something.  After all, that’s the whole idea, right? put out a list a little while ago of the top ten three-wheeled concept cars.  Like a lot of cars, you might not see these on the roadways in overwhelming numbers.  But they’re neat (and sometimes downright whacky, as you can see from the ones I posted below) to look at, and like SMVs and other concept vehicles, they’re coming up with alternative ways to get around.  We have a pretty standard idea of how we should get around – moms drive minivans, business execs drive sports cars, farmers drive trucks, and so on.  But as you take a look at some of these cars, try to rethink your ideas about transportation, even just a little bit.  The only way to move forward is to admit that some of the things we’re doing now aren’t working.  I remember looking up information for reports with encyclopedias back in elementary school (and considering that I’m a college senior, that wasn’t too long ago).  Today, it would be downright ludicrous to start my research in that fashion.  Gotta keep moving forward in all aspects of life.

Aptera 2e

Aptera 2e Electric

This aerodynamic car is called the Aptera 2e Electric.  It’s made to “glide like a bird” and work with the principles of aerodynamics to cut through the air effortlessly.  Its electric motor has some pull, going naught to sixty in under ten seconds.


This car is something totally different, that's for sure.

This car, developed by the company Matus Prochaczka, is called MAG and features all kinds of crazy stuff.  It runs on magnetic power and has an electric motor that has the same polarity as the road.  That is, assuming the roads are made of concrete with magnets stuck in them.  Maybe someday?


I can picture this cruising the California highways.

Made by Volkswagen, this concept car is called the GX3.  It’s got a 125 hp engine that can get to sixty in under six seconds.  I have to admit, this might not be very practical for the Wisconsin winters (although I regularly see guys trotting to class in snowstorms wearing shorts).