As humans, we tend not to think about things until they’re thrown in our faces, figuratively speaking.  We don’t think about car accidents until we get rear-ended; maybe then we put down the cell phones and think more about the road.  We don’t think about cancer until our grandma is diagnosed; maybe then we up our antioxidant intake and slather on the sunscreen.  And here in Wisconsin, we usually don’t think much about our air quality.  We have good, clean air, and we leave the smog alerts for those big cities.

But now we too have to think about the particulate matter spewing out our tailpipes.  Over fifty counties in Wisconsin were under an air quality alert on Monday.  More or less, that means there was so much smog or particle pollution that it was unhealthy to breathe too much of it, especially if you have any heart or lung problems.  The day was foggy and thick, much like the night of the Airplane! landing (the fog is growing thicker…and Leon is growing larger!  Go see the movie if you haven’t, please!).  Except when the DNR is telling children to stay inside, it’s not so funny.

Like I said, this is Wisconsin.  Air pollution isn’t supposed to happen here.  But it does, and it will continue to.  Eventually, we’re going to run out of non-polluted places to go to, and then what?