I’m on this electric craze lately.  Electric has a lot of benefits, from their emissions (none) to their dependence on foreign oil (none) to their fun way of sneaking up on people (cool).

It might have started with an electric golf cart I get to drive sometimes.  Topping out at perhaps 12 mph, it’s fun to drive around the block, and also just around the yard when the dog chases it.  It’s so quiet I can creep up behind people and scare them, and the horses I ride think it’s some sort of alien machine (they’re internal combustion engine gals).

Golf Cart

Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' bout.

But anyways, electric vehicles are a great solution and have the potential to help the environment a lot.  However, when looking strictly at environmental benefits, it’s not so easy as just getting all plug-in cars.  We have to take a look at where that electricity comes from.

My neighbor just redid his roof with solar panels – that’s a great start.  Hawaii is committed to producing 70% of its energy with renewable sources by 2030 – even cooler.  Texas just set a record by producing almost 20% of its electricity needs with wind power.  And the nuclear debate is still going on, so we’ll see where we get there.

Bottom line?  If electric vehicles are the way to go, let’s make sure they’re as clean as possible.  We get clean now or later, and it makes more sense to do it now.