Looking to buy a greener car?  Want to learn about other SMV teams?  Curious about this microcar-thingys?   Here are some excellent resources to help!

Greencar — This site has information about green car technologies available now.  It can help you find an eco-friendly car, learn about biodiesel, read articles about cars of the future, or even locate an alternative energy fueling station!

Greenercars — This is a site run by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, a DC research group.  On it you’ll find environmental news, lots of consumer information, and lots of tips to help you go green.  It also offers a comprehensive guide to extensive consumer information, although you have to subscribe to get access.

Green Guy — This has tons of interesting, useful information about green cars.  Super, super blog.

The Green Car Website — Again, lots of information about green cars and a good news source for greener energies.

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Microcars! Yes, there are other people out there who indeed know what I’m talking about!

Microcar news — Lots of cars for sale and quirky things.

Microcar lover — A wealth of information about different microcars.